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I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of some of the best personal finance guides & financial advice available today.  I’ve decided to provide you with all of the information that you need to have in order to survive financially in this new economy, just click here to view’s pricing information. Here’s what you can expect to learn in this article.

Before I proceed any further, I will point out that financial education is highly important. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people are more interested in earning money than providing us with basic knowledge. Many people don’t even know how to make a budget. They just keep on spending money like there’s no tomorrow.

Teach children to save as early as they can

This is why it is so important to provide financial education to our children. Now, the good news is that there are personal finance guides & financial advice programs that will educate them on how to save money, invest money, and live within their means. I say that because it doesn’t just help you be successful now; it will prepare you for your future as well.

Some of these programs will also help you develop a plan so that you can get started earning money, as well as an action plan so that you can become a responsible consumer. Take note that there are many money-saving, effective investing strategies out there and if you do your research, you will find the right one for you.

However, personal finance guides & financial advice must be backed up by a financial planner or investment advisor. They can help you set up your future financial planning. They can also help you pick the right investment strategy.

My personal finance guides & financial advice can also be found on my website. There are four books that I have written myself; Money by Doug Casey, When Will You Retire? Generating Retirement Income For Your Family, The Joy of Financial Independence, and No More Worries About Money by Rosemary Schmid.

If you are interested in these four books, they are included on my website as well. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you really should. They are written for the modern-day individual who wants to take control of their money.

These are books that were written when the economic crisis was still very much in its infancy. They are very applicable today. Each of these books is filled with useful and relevant advice that you can apply to your personal circumstances.

Learn companies services

There are hundreds of companies out there that provide personal finance guides & financial advice. However, you need to know what they are up to. Most of the companies out there will offer you a free report with some of their services; however, they won’t offer any advice as to how to become financially independent.

Once you sign up with one of these companies, you’ll receive a free report on how to manage your finances and some of the personal-finance guides & financial advice they can offer. However, the bottom line is that you need to take charge of your future by developing a financial plan that will allow you to survive in this changing economy.

Financial freedom and security are two of the most important things to worry about in this economy. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this by not taking action!

Finally, remember that everything is an opportunity! There will always be another opportunity to earn money!

Cash loans and credits, where to get it? /cash-loans-and-credits-where-to-get-it/ Sat, 01 Feb 2020 12:49:38 +0000


Cash loans are a great idea for getting money quickly and easily. Unlike bank loans, you can spend them for any purpose. In order for the loan to be a really good deal, you should choose an offer from the appropriate Lending Institution.

A loan is different than a loan

A loan is different than a loan

A loan is an agreement under which the Bank lends money to the Borrower for a specified period of time. The loan agreement is based on banking law and must be in writing. In addition, the loan agreement must specify the purpose of spending the borrowed money.
A cash loan is an agreement whereby the lender provides the borrower with a certain amount of money for a specified period of time. The loan agreement is regulated by the Civil Code and can be offered by both natural and legal persons. The contract may or may not specify the purpose for which the loan is to be taken. In practice, loans with no specific purpose of spending are more flexible and better suited to the needs of the lender. Such loans can be obtained from Loan Institutions.

Therefore, loans are less formal, simpler and faster than bank loans. Cash loans are particularly worth taking in the following cases:

  • The urgent need to get urgent cash, eg when you don’t have time to go through the painstaking procedure of granting a loan
  • When you have no chance of getting a loan from a bank, because eg you earn income on the basis of a mandate contract, which banks do not accept when assessing your creditworthiness.
  • When you need up to several thousand dollars.
  • When the loan has more attractive terms than eg a bank loan. Especially now it is worth getting interested in offers from Loan Institutions, because they even offer completely free loans.
  • Only if you can pay it back on time.

Where to get the best loan?

Where to get the best loan?

You can borrow money from many loan institutions, if you want to get a safe and affordable loan then check Lite lending company, which is an advanced loan comparison engine.

Lite lending company works with all reliable lenders and quickly compares their offers, so you can be sure that you will receive the best offer available. In addition, thanks to the reputation and close cooperation between Lite lending company and its partners, you can get an even better offer than if you applied for a loan directly with your loan institution. Check it now!

Low credit functions interest. /low-credit-functions-interest/ Fri, 17 Jan 2020 12:05:28 +0000

Loans are generally contracts concluded in writing between the lender, which is the bank, and the borrowers, i.e. the customer seeking a loan. The loan is granted by the bank because of its purpose, which is why we can distinguish car loans, mortgages or those with which you can buy a private flat. There is a specific type of relationship that determines the repayability of the loan, its timeliness and interest. For this reason, the bank makes it possible to make planned expenditures by providing cash.

Loans have many economic functions. One of them is the issue function, i.e. the introduction of money into circulation, and the next is profitable, which means creating economic benefits for the borrower. In addition, loans have a distributive function, i.e. increase income and increase market demand. Loans in each of their forms are part of the capital market.

The best cash loan for cars

The best cash loan for cars

There are many mortgage offers on the market, which is why every potential customer has a lot to choose from. This choice is sometimes difficult, so it is worth getting acquainted with the conditions offered in the contract by the bank to properly assess your payment options and choose the loan that best suits your needs.

Currently, credit rankings are created on the market, thanks to which we can familiarize with the offer of given banks and choose something for ourselves. The best mortgages therefore offer a repayment period of up to fifty years, as well as a grace period during which the loan is in a suspended state, i.e. not repayable.

In addition, many banks use a promotion of zero percent commission for granting a loan. It has also become widely possible to take out a loan not only in the Polish currency, but also in USD. As part of the mortgage, many banks also offer an insurance package that is beneficial to the client, so they no longer have to take any other steps to secure their repayment.

Credit Benefits

In order to take out a mortgage, we have to reckon with the fact that we will have to pay installments with interest every month for the next few years. Therefore, it is worth thinking about what credit will be right for us, what amount we need, and also what bank has the most favorable conditions on the financial market.

Many banking institutions ensure that their mortgage is the best offer. Despite this, before we sign the contract for its conclusion, it is worth checking what it actually hides. Although many loans look impressive and tempting at first glance, we must look at them carefully so as not to make any mistake.

Let’s pay attention to the lending time, the longer the better for the customer, as well as to the interest rate that is calculated on the loan amount taken. The commission is also an important issue. Many banks currently use discounts and promotions, and because it is a considerable expense, it is worth looking for the one that gives the best impression. According to experts, it is also not worth taking a loan whose rate is variable because it can change and thus cause higher costs.

How to reduce the cost of the loan? /how-to-reduce-the-cost-of-the-loan/ Sun, 05 Jan 2020 12:49:19 +0000


When your dream of a new car or your own apartment verifies your account balance, you start thinking about a loan. Are you looking for ways to keep the cost of commitment as low as possible?

When looking for a loan, it’s worth taking a good look at what banks are proposing. By approaching your future financial commitment sensibly and analyzing various offers, you can save from several to several dozen thousand dollars! So let’s approach the matter respectfully.

Borrow as much as you need.

Borrow as much as you need.

Since you started thinking about credit, it means you need money for a specific purpose. Therefore, at the very beginning determine what amount you need. Remember that you must surrender each dollar borrowed with a surplus. It is not worth borrowing more to have other pleasures.

Learn several ways to reduce the cost of an existing loan.

Pay off as soon as possible.

Pay off as soon as possible.

The period for which you incur a liability has a very large impact on its total cost. There is usually one rule – the longer the repayment period, the lower the monthly installment, but the higher its cost, because interest is added to each installment! Therefore, make a good estimate of your options and consider for what period to take a loan.

If you have free cash, overpay the loan or pay it back in full.

Cancel insurance.

Cancel insurance.

Insurance for credit is an additional product on which a financial institution can earn, which means that the customer has more expensive credit. Of course, there are many insurance options, eg for life or unemployment, and they can be useful, but usually on the free market we will find an offer with a much lower premium than the bank will offer us.

If the bank has taken out the insurance premium for the entire loan period in advance and it is usually several thousand dollars, cancel this insurance and the funds will be returned to your account or transferred to the loan, which will reduce the repayment amount.

Transfer to another bank

Transfer to another bank

Following the example of stores, banks are also introducing promotional offers, eg lower interest rate or no commission and insurance for the loan.

If you have a loan with a maximum interest rate (currently 10%) and another bank suggest transferring the loan to yourself with a 7% interest rate and additionally does not charge a commission for launching, there is nothing to think about but take advantage of the offer.

Example: Transferring a loan of USD 50,000 with an interest rate of 10% to another bank with an interest rate of 7% with a loan term of six years, the installment will decrease by about USD 75 a month. So for six years you will save about 5400 USD

Recover commission

Recover commission

More and more law firms are beginning to specialize in recovering commissions for clients who have repaid loans early. So if you repaid the loan in full earlier than the repayment schedule provided for, it is worth trying to recover the commission for the earlier repayment period.


As you can see there are many ways to reduce your loan costs. Theoretically, the larger the loan amount, the more you can get back. So you have to be interested in the topic and act.

Bailiff seizure of a bank account – payday loan /bailiff-seizure-of-a-bank-account-payday-loan/ Sat, 28 Dec 2019 19:04:17 +0000

Hello. Today, the bank took my bank account at the request of a bailiff. I am currently on sickness benefit from $ 1,575 and I should receive a transfer of approximately $ 1080 to my account tomorrow. Sick leave in 36 days, but a weekly loan in the amount of $ 1,500 was credited to my account a week ago.

After paying this payday, will the bailiff take all my sickness benefit because the amount free of attachment is $ 1575? Will the bank leave me nothing for a living?

You can claim sickness benefit of 25%. What will happen in my case? I will be destitute and I am sick. Please help. Aurora.


How long will the bailiff take?

payday loan

When it comes to bailiff seizure with sickness benefit, it is actually 25% if we are talking about non-maintenance debts. Is it worth knowing that the sickness benefit is free of bailiff’s execution in the part corresponding to 50% of the sum of the lowest old-age pension?

If you are entitled to sickness benefit, for example, only for part of the month, then to determine the amount free of attachment from sickness benefit, you must divide it by the number of calendar days of the month and then multiply it by the number of days for which you are entitled …

As for your question about the payday loan, if the payday payment reaches the bank account taken by the bailiff, then the bailiff executing from your bank account will probably take the cash from sickness benefit.


Execution from a bank account

Execution from a bank account

If your bank account is occupied, the bank at the request of the bailiff will block all funds and transfer them to the bailiff’s account, only the amount free from attachment from the bank account is protected, which is 75% of the minimum remuneration for work, which is currently the amount of 1575 USD and the limit of this amount is renewed every month.

So if you received a payday loan in the amount of $ 1500 on your bank account, and now you get sickness benefit in the amount of $ 1080, after adding up you will have $ 2580 on your account, the bailiff will take $ 1005 in that case. ( $ 2,580 – $ 1,575 – free from attachment from bank account).

Nothing would happen if you redirected the money from a payday loan to another bank account, eg from a family member or friend, or collected it in person.

Refinancing, when debts are reorganized /refinancing-when-debts-are-reorganized/ Sat, 28 Dec 2019 12:33:26 +0000

With the crisis, many people have had trouble coping with all monthly payments. Bank delinquency rates rose to unsuspected quotas a few years before , going from just over 1% in 2006, to over 13% in 2013. Although in recent years it has fallen to below 9%. , it is still a very high figure, with a total amount of around 100,000 million dollars.

Within this delinquency highlights the fact that, as they say, mortgages are the last thing left to pay (or almost). And is that the mortgage delinquency is much lower, of 4.7%.

Due to this situation, in recent years, in addition to mini-loans, debt refinancing has been significantly enhanced as a way to vent family finances and allow credit payments.


What is debt refinancing

debt refinancing

It consists of the grouping of the different debts that the person or family owns in a single loan , for which a single monthly payment will be paid. The average term of the debt is usually significantly extended, so that it is a significantly lower fee than what was previously paid among all loans.


How does it work in practice

debt loan

There are mediation agencies that calculate their potential clients their total payments per month and negotiate with different banks the reunification of debts (for which they will charge a fee). Some entities can also offer this service directly to their customers.

Once the case is studied, there will usually be long-term debts (for example, the mortgage), medium-term debts (for example, a five-year vehicle loan) and short-term debts (for example, derived from a credit card).

Each one will have a capital amortized and another pending repayment, a maturity and an interest rate to be applied, and with the reunification everything will be put in the same credit ( usually it will be a new mortgage , with the guarantee of some property) .

For example, imagine that a family has the following loans:

  • A mortgage of 150,000 dollars to 25 years, to Best bank + 2, of which they have paid 24,000 dollars (about five years), and they have, therefore, 126,000 to be amortized. The monthly fee is 635 dollars.
  • A loan of a vehicle, of 15,000 dollars, of which they have to pay 9,000, and for which they pay a fee of 300 dollars per month.
  • In addition, they owe 3,000 dollars on the credit card for a trip they made this summer. For this debt, they are paying 280 dollars, with an interest of 22%.

In total, they are paying monthly: 635 + 300 + 280 = 1,215 dollars.

They are presented with an operation in which they refinance all their credits, joining them into one (with the new loan, the previous ones are canceled).

The data of the new loan are:

Total amount: 126,000 (mortgage) +9,000 (car) +3,000 + 7,000 (formalization fees: fees, notary, registration …) = 145,000 dollars.

Interest: Best bank + 4.

Term: 25 years.

Which would leave them a monthly fee to pay 765 dollars, much lower than the 1,215 they had been paying, which will be much more relieved month to month. Where are the hits?


Disadvantages of debt reunification

Disadvantages of debt

One of the drawbacks that it presents is that the person / family, seeing that their fees are smaller and their finances more relieved, may incur higher expenses or new loans .

But, in addition, there is another question, and although some debts whose interest rate is higher than the new credit are reunified, a mortgage is usually also included in which we were paying less (and, in addition, it is usually the bulk of debts). And as it refinances for more years, we end up paying a lot more interest .

In the previous example, the interest we had left to pay in the initial situation were:

Mortgage: 27,120 dollars.

Car loan: 960 dollars.

Credit card: 370 dollars.

That is, we would have to pay a total of 28,450 dollars.

With the new loan, we would pay much more, since in addition to increasing our debt for the costs of formalization (in the example, 7,000 dollars), the interest payable becomes 84,600 dollars.

Impulse buying: path to indebtedness /impulse-buying-path-to-indebtedness/ Sat, 28 Dec 2019 12:05:01 +0000

Imagine yourself in the following situation: a product catches your eye in a shop window. Before deciding to enter the store and make a purchase, do you ask yourself about your needs? Consider looking for the same product in another store for a better price? Or are you one of those who can’t resist temptation and buy on impulse?

The Credit Protection Service carried out a survey to provide an overview of impulse buying in the country. Among the interviewees, more than half (55.3%) reported having the habit of planning their purchases. However, the survey found that all consumers give in to the impulse to buy at least one of the 45 products investigated, with 46.6% of them reporting having an average degree of impulsivity. However, the study identified that there is a difference between what was stated by the interviewees and their attitudes: 26.5% of those who showed a high degree of impulsivity reported that they never buy products that they don’t need.


Impulse buying generates indebtedness

Impulse buying generates indebtedness

When consuming, there are two sets of benefits that people are looking for. The first set is called utility benefits, when the consumer does it because there is a need. The others are the so-called informational benefits, of a social nature, mediated by other people. This category includes status, prestige, luxury brands, fashion and so on, with the person trying to stand out in the group – these are precisely those that are associated with impulse buying, which generate excess expenses in relation to revenues and lead to indebtedness.


5 tips to avoid impulse buying

Differentiate need from desire

Differentiate need from desire

This is a fundamental practice to reduce impulse purchases. When you are able to differentiate what is a need from what is a desire, it is possible to avoid buying everything that is not programmed. Although you do not have to avoid desires, they must be carried out according to your planning and financial possibilities. Read the post How to turn dreams into projects.


Keep your cabinets organized

A practical way to identify what you really need and superfluous items is to keep your cabinets organized. That way, you can see what you really use and reassess your spending.


Make a list of what you need

market list

When shopping at the supermarket, for example, when you have a list of items that are missing from your home, you stick to it and avoid buying the countless superfluous products that are displayed on promotion – see some tips to save at the supermarket. If it’s not on the list, don’t buy it because you don’t have to. In the SPC Brasil survey, two out of ten consumers (21.8%) stated that they make impulse purchases frequently, with street stores (34.6%), shopping (21.5%), supermarket (15.2%) and virtual stores (11.6%).


Going out for a walk or shopping?


Going to the mall has become a common habit of Brazilian families, including those who seek only leisure. However, keep in mind that this is just a walk, not shopping – that is, avoid entering a store “just to see” any product, as in one of these you may end up surrendering to the impulse to buy. If you go to the mall for a walk, it is also worth looking for cheaper or free alternatives, such as parks, the beach or museums.


Keep your home budget up to date

Keep your home budget up to date

Planning is essential for a balanced financial life, where needs are met and desires are met, in an organized manner. By keeping your household budget up to date, you know exactly how much you can spend and you can control the urge to spend an amount that is not foreseen on clothes, for example. If you don’t cultivate this habit, how about starting right now? In the Downloads section of our website, we provide a spreadsheet to help you control your personal or family budget.

Consumer loans are cheaper. What interest now to expect? /consumer-loans-are-cheaper-what-interest-now-to-expect/ Tue, 17 Dec 2019 12:14:35 +0000

Competition and the struggle for each client are behind the fact that consumer credit interest rates are relatively stable. Only relatively small changes can be observed. And one of the changes that took place in August this year reduced consumer credit to an all-time low.

The average rate for bank consumer loans reached 5.98% per year in August 2019. In a year-on-year comparison, it decreased by 0.82 percentage point. In general, interest rates on consumer loans have long been between 5 and 6% per year.

Since the beginning of monitoring consumer price developments, their average interest rate has fallen by 4.93 percentage points. Data relating to bank consumer credit interest are monitored through an index issued by Broker Consluting. This is a relatively new index, the statistics date back to January 2017.

Broker consulting

Broker consulting

In addition to financial consulting, Broker Consulting also deals with real estate.

The average interest rate of consumer loans is calculated from real bank loans concluded by consultants Broker Consulting and OK POINT branches. The calculation is based on a weighted arithmetic average, where the volume of credit is the most important. This means that the overall result is most affected by higher loans. Conversely, small loans have a much smaller impact.

The interest rate of 5.98% may be surprisingly high for many people. Awareness of consumer credit is largely determined by advertising. In them, however, the individual providers present primarily the lowest possible interest and not the one that the applicants actually receive after the creditworthiness assessment. People may also be surprised when negotiating mortgages. Even in this case, few will get to the lowest interest rate presented.

Consumer loans

Consumer loans

It is worth remembering what consumer loans are. According to the Act, these loans are in the range of $ 5,000 to $ 1,880,000. Especially lower amounts can be borrowed through an online application. Then it is called online loans.

Consumer loans are suitable, for example, for the acquisition of electronics. In the case of a non-purpose loan it is also possible to buy a holiday, a car or a complete furnishing of a new apartment.

These are ordinary loans, which may be either special-purpose or non-purpose loans. It does not have to be a financial product of banking institutions alone. On the contrary, non-bank providers also offer consumer loans. Most of them, however, are usually more expensive loans.

Consumer loans are provided to individuals and should not be used for business purposes. To obtain a loan, the applicant’s creditworthiness and overall creditworthiness must be verified by law. A frequent requirement for obtaining a consumer loan is your own bank account.

Consumer loans also include, for example, American mortgages, building savings loans and financial leasing.

Credit Card Bill Balance Against Current Balance Sheet /credit-card-bill-balance-against-current-balance-sheet/ Sun, 15 Dec 2019 22:34:28 +0000

If you check your credit card balance by phone or online, you can be presented with two different balances: a balance statement and a current balance. These scales can be different, which can be confusing, especially if you try to avoid paying the balance in full to avoid paying financing costs. What is the exact balance? Which one should you pay for?


What balance appears on your credit card statement?

credit cards

The invoice amount is the balance that was printed on the latest credit card statement. It’s your credit card balance as of your bank statement as of the deadline, the date, your billing cycle ended and your credit card statement was generated.

It is not uncommon for this balance from your current account balance to be different.

The remaining amount that appears on your credit card statement is often the balance that is reported to the credit bureaus. This explains why the credit on your credit report often doesn’t reflect your current credit card balance.


Why Your Credit May Be Different

Why Your Credit May Be Different

Your credit card activity is billed in cycles. When a billing cycle ends, the credit card company prints a statement detailing the activity that occurred during that billing cycle and notifying you of the payment due and due date.

Since the timesheet was printed from your credit card, you may have made purchases, payments, or other transactions that alter your outstanding credit card balance. These transactions are reflected in the current balance. The current balance could be higher or lower than the invoice amount, depending on the transactions you made. For example, if a payment is posted to your account because your statement has been printed, your invoice amount will be higher than your current balance. Or, if you made purchases since the billing cycle was printed, your invoice amount will be lower than your current balance.

If you check your account online or over the phone, your current account balance may include pending transactions. These are transactions that you have made, usually within the past 24 to 48 hours, that have not yet been posted to your account. Your credit card issuer has received notification of these transactions, but they have not been fully processed.


What balance to pay to avoid interest charges

What balance to pay to avoid interest charges

To avoid paying financing costs on a scale, you usually need to have the settlement period started with a $ 0 balance or at least paid your previous balance in full before the end of the grace period. The invoice amount you already see will include a financing cost if a balance is made from the previous billing cycle. Otherwise you have to pay the balance in full by the end of the grace period and avoid receiving any financing costs on this balance.

To ensure that your invoice amount is paid on time every month, you can set up an autopay with your credit card company. You will automatically specify the payment from your bank account on the draft date (it should be on or before the due date).

If you set up automatic payment, you should have enough funds in your checking account. Otherwise, if your bank refuses to pay, you will be charged a repayment fee and you will end up paying financing costs because the balance was not fully paid at the due date.

You will be left with a credit on your credit card if you balance the full statement and your current account balance is payable higher than this amount. You will see leftover balance as well as all new transactions on your next statement.

Paying the full current balance is also fine, especially if you want a low or zero balance on your next credit card statement. If you want to withdraw your funds down to zero, contact credit card companies to find out the “Withdrawal Balance”, which may include financing costs that have not yet been added to your account.

If you cannot afford to pay the full invoice amount, you must pay at least the minimum penalty to avoid receiving a late payment. Or pay more than the minimum if you can afford to decrease your credit card balance faster and reduce the amount of interest you pay over time.

Loan without certificates? It is possible! /loan-without-certificates-it-is-possible/ Sat, 14 Dec 2019 11:58:31 +0000

Unemployed, retired, employed on a contract for work, single parents supported by alimony – for all of them a loan without income certificates will be a suitable form of financial assistance. To obtain such a loan, all they need to have is their ID card and bank account.

Non-bank loans because we do not like bureaucracy

Non-bank loans because we do not like bureaucracy

There are several reasons why we are looking for “loans without certificates” or “loans for proof”. One of them is that we do not like unnecessary formalities. Often, we can not simply submit an income certificate because, for example, we work in the dark or are unemployed. Another reason is the fear that low income will ruin our chances of getting a loan. That is why loans without certificates are so popular.

Who is looking for loans without certificates?

Who is looking for loans without certificates?

Such a loan is an ideal product for everyone who earns income from so-called “junk contracts” (eg work or commission contracts) or other sources such as alimony, scholarship, disability pension. Among those interested in this type of loan are also the unemployed who are living on benefits or have just lost their job. Among the clients of loan companies there are also often people working in the dark, from whom it is impossible to obtain an income certificate, but you can count on being able to settle the liability on time. In each of the abovementioned cases, a loan without certificates will be the preferred product.

I take a payday loan – how does the verification take place?

I take a payday loan - how does the verification take place?

When applying for a quick loan, you do not need to submit any formal income statement from your employer, or other documents such as PIT, bank statement, bills, etc. All you need to do is declare your earnings. Sometimes the source or amount of income is confirmed during a telephone conversation with the client or his employer. This is quite a rare practice, but it can happen.

Verification in a loan company is somehow automatic, based on the data submitted in the registration form and by the verification transfer we made for the amount of USD 0.01. Before you make it, it’s a good idea to make sure you have funds in your account. If not, the verification process will fail.

Bottom line: When you apply for a quick online loan, all you need is your ID card, active cell phone, email address and online bank account.

Each loan application is assessed for creditworthiness based on the loan company’s internal scoring systems. Unfortunately, if you have problems repaying other liabilities, you may have trouble getting a loan. So let’s take care of your credit history and above all borrow, but responsibly.